Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc.

Preservation in 2016 - A couple of unseasonably warm January days allowed the volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. to repair the doors and trim on the Pack House. Rotted wood was replaced, windows were secured, and doors were scraped and primed. The Pack House is a building used for sorting, washing, grading & storing produce. It also serves as a maintenance shop on the farm. Further restoration will take place when weather permits. Work performed at no cost to taxpayers.

Above, two "after" pictures of cinder block garage painted at the expense of Patterson Farm Preservation volunteer. Again, no cost to taxpayers.


We have roofing materials to fix the potato barn roof (left), and corporate sponsorship to paint Satterthwaite House (right) .  We just need Lower Makefield to lift the "no touch zone" so we can get started!

The transformation pictured above was completed in 2015. Unfortunately, the planter in the "After" picture was stolen shortly after the picture was taken. To help safeguard the farm from further such incidents, Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. are proponents of having a resident/farmer on Patterson Farm.


This garage on the Satterthwaite parcel of Patterson Farm was restored by the volunteers of Patterson Farm Preservation, Inc. with donated labor and materials.  All work was done at no cost to the taxpayers.